iPhotoBox Lite for Glasses

    With the unique back and bottom light panel, the iPhotoBox lite can help you to produce a completely white background photo without shadows in seconds. Any kind of cameras or even a mobile phone also can take a perfect picture from the iPhotobox lite.
  • 00:16 Set up hardware requirement:
    • Camera: Digital Compact Camera
    • Lighting: DigPro iPhotoBox Lite (HL-4038)
    • Accessories: DigPro Camera Tripod (PCT-3301)
  • 00:20 Place the jewelery and setting up iPhotoBox Lite
    • 00:20 Swith to max power
    • 00:28 Place the jewelery into the iPhotoBox Lite
    • 00:32 Adjust the reflecting board for the best front light on the shooting object
  • 01:11 Ev compensation
  • 01:21 Recommended camera setting