360° & AR Images Production Software

Featuring with the latest technologies, 360° and AR images can be produced in 2 minutes with just few simple steps ... and more!

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  • 360° Image Maker
  • AR real image software engine
  • Photo editing software
  • One touch background removal
  • Adding logos, soundtracks & contents
  • Output files in HTML, Video & GIF

Making & Publish of 360° & AR Images In 5 Mins

One Touch Background Removal
You can also be an Expert!

Frequently asked questions

How do I make payment?

All payments are made by PayPal. We will ask you to pay for every 3 or 12 months (base on your choice). The system will send you the payment email around 2 weeks before the expiry of your service plan for continue the service.

When do I get my deposit back?

You may notify us at anytime and we will guide you for the returning process. The returning will be shipping to 360IMG Hong Kong office at users cost and we will proceed with the reimbursement by T/T to your specify account within 30 days after the set is received by us in full set without breakage. Any Bank charges of the T/T reimbursement will be at users cost.


While you are still a valid paid user of such plan, the set will be fully warranty by 360IMG. For maintenance, you may forward to your nearest 360IMG service center in your country (if any) or otherwise, please forward to our 360IMG office in Hong Kong. Shipping charges will be at Users cost.


Once the order is received with full payment, the sets will be shipped / ready for collection at 360IMG Hong Kong office around 2 working days.

Terminate of Service Plan

If you chose not to continue with the service plan, you may return the set to us within 30 days after the expiry of your service plan date. 360IMG may not be able to accept the return set is not receive within the said 30 days and the deposit will not be reimbursed to the User.