Digpro 360 Turntable System

Produce & Publish in just 5 Minutes! No Skills!

Just 5 Minutes, You can make a 360 & AR Images!!!

With the patented WiFi technology, DigPro 360° Turntable System allows users to connect digital camera via WiFi and operate synchronously.

  • Plug & Play without cables
  • Features with 360 & AR software engine
  • Adding logos, contents & musics on images
  • Output formats in HTML, MP4 & GIF
  • Images compatible on all browsers & computers
  • Fully automatic operation Via WiFi

  • Fully automatic WiFi control
  • Infra-red positioning system
  • Top quality stepper motor for precise & stable Movements
  • Loading weight 20kg to 160kg
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Compatible with other mini studios (Best with iPhotoBox Lite)
  • 110V to 240V
  • WiFi operation diameter up to 20m
  • IOS & Andriod remote control app

Digpro 360 Turntable System

Digpro 360 Turntable System

  • Model: ET-270
  • 20kg of max. loading weight
  • 27cm diameter
  • Fully automatic WiFi control

Digpro 360 Turntable System Heavy Duty

  • Model: ET-470W
  • 160kg of max. loading weight
  • 45cm diameter
  • Fully automatic WiFi control

Making of 360 Source Images (Automatic)

Just a few steps and you can make the 360 source images either by photo or video shooting mode.

Making of 360 Source Images (Manual)

The 360 Turntable System can also be remote-controlled by a Digpro app which can be downloaded from Google Play. Search name "Digpro 360 Product Photography" and download it.

Launching of 360 & AR Images

After the source images are taken by the Digpro 360 Turntable, import the images to the 360IMG Production Hub for making and publication of 360 and AR images. Each of the 360 & AR image will provided with a unique URL + QR Code for further applications that suits your needs.


Scan the QR Code with your QR Code Scanner and we can make your Brochure ALIVE!!!

Using the a QR code scanner app or downloading our latest 360IMG AR App on IOS & Android stores, experience the real 360 AR yourself! Have Great Fun!!!

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Search name "360img.net AR" in Google Play or Click the above Google Play icon to download

360° Images on Brochure

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AR with Real Images

Use our 360IMG AR app and scan the QR code!!!
See the first D.I.Y 360 AR in real images