Digpro iPhotoBox

The Best Mini Studio Beyond Your Imaginations!

No Skills! No Post-Editing! Professional Photo in 1 Minute!!!

With the patented Back & Bottom LED Lighting Source Technology, the iPhotoBox Lite allows users to take product photos instantly with completely white background.

  • Plug & Play
  • Compatible with all digital cameras & mobile phones
  • Free powerful software with one touch background removal feature
  • Complete white background available
  • Compact & Foldable
  • Top LED ring Light to enhance sparkling and color effect

  • Patented Back & Bottom LED Light Source Design
  • 4 Area Lighting Zone Technologies
  • All-in-one design
  • 5400K for perfect lighting source

Digpro iPhotoBox Mini Studio

Digpro 40cm iPhotoBox

  • Model: IPB-40
  • Shooting area up to 35cm
  • Weight: 8kg
  • LED light panels
  • Foldable

Take Your Professional Studio and Take Photos Anytime, Anywhere!

iPhotoBox Lite features with patented design LED bottom and back light panels which is equivalent to the same function with 5 studio lighting sets in a professional studio!

Photos taken by iPhotoBox Lite

Photos taken by OTHERS

More Great Features on Digpro iPhotoBox!!!

Outstanding Performance on CRI

Lighting source within the iPhotoBox Lite is divided into 5 different lighting zones with accurately calculated brightness. They ensure the shooting product is exposing with the most perfect lighting source with enough brightness from all angles.

Brighter Lighting Source

Using the best quality of LED light chips, the iPhotoBox Lite provides you the ultimate performance on CRI, giving an enhanced and true colors from your shooting object.

Experience the Powerful Features with 360IMG Photo Editing Software

  • Image Editing Software, Cropping
  • Adding Company Logo
  • One-touch Background Cutoff Feature
  • Gif Images Creator

360IMG Photo Editor is a great tool to work along with the iPhotoBox Lite. It is a unique function allows you to remove the white background from the photo instantly without further editing work and skills.
The Cloud Hosting enables you to publish your photos on different platforms. Each photo will provide an unique URL for all applications.
Instant Background Removal feature allows you to remove the white background just by a single touch!!!
After the white background is removed, you may add any other background to your products.

Easy Installation

The Best Mini Studio Beyond Your Imaginations!